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Chamber Staff


Maggie Schuyler

President/ CEO

Maggie Schuyler, the President and CEO of Perry Area Chamber of Commerce, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University and years of dedicated service, Maggie is a leader committed to making a positive impact on her community. Having worked in various capacities, including as the Events and Fundraising Coordinator at the chamber and in higher education admissions, Maggie's diverse background allows her to effectively oversee Perry's growth as the Chamber of Commerce CEO. Now residing in Kathleen, GA with her family, Maggie's unwavering loyalty to Perry is unmatched, demonstrating her dedication to the success and prosperity of the local businesses and community members.

Joiretta Harris

Membership and Operations Director

 Joiretta Harris is the Membership and Operations Director of Perry Area Chamber of Commerce in Perry, Georgia. Joiretta Harris alumna of Mercer University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Growing up in Middle Georgia, Joiretta has always been passionate about connecting with people and building relationships. Throughout her professional career and personal life, she has held multiple leadership roles, where she not only honed her networking skills but also developed a strong sense of community. Currently, Joiretta resides in Middle Georgia with her family, and she is always eager to explore new ways of connecting people. She strongly believes that relationships are the foundation for personal and professional growth, and she strives to create meaningful connections in every aspect of her life.  As your membership and operations director she will dedicate her expertise to foster growth in business and community through the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce.

Abbie Wainwright

Events Director

Abbie Wainwright is an ambitious and driven professional who has made a positive impact in her community. With her Bachelor's degree in Business Management and minor in Marketing from Georgia Southern, she discovered her true passion for planning and executing special events. Growing up in Perry, Georgia gave Abbie an intimate connection to the city, and she cherishes this hometown connection as a member of the Perry Kiwanas club. Abbie and her husband, Logan, are expecting their first born later this year.


Julianna Fowler

Communications Specialist

Julianna is a graduate from Houston County High School and earned her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Liberty University in 2022. Passionate about photography and travel, she loves capturing moments and exploring new places. Currently engaged to Sam, she calls Houston County her home.


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