The Perry Chamber of Commerce is committed to growing a strong community based on an economically sound business environment. Grow Business. Grow Community. The chamber is the voice of business, both large and small. The chamber provides a wide variety of opportunities for businesses to build new contacts throughout the area. By building a stronger community, a quality workforce will continue to grow.
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  • Perry Chamber - Meet The Team!!

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    The Perry Chamber of Commerce is excited to launch the Perry Plugged In Podcast in 2022! Before we chat with area business leaders, we would like you to meet the Perry Chamber Staff! In this episode, you'll get a chance to meet our team!

    • Maggie Schuyler, President CEO
    • Bonnie Sexton, COO
    • Calynn Warren, Administrative Assistant



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  • Marketing vs Branding! How to make them work for you and your business.

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    In this week's episode we chat with Maggie Lane, Chief Marketing Officer of the Georgia National Fairgrounds, about the difference between Marketing and Branding.

    What is marketing? What is branding? Aren't they the same thing?! You’ve likely heard of them both but you’re not totally sure what they are and how they pertain to you, your business, and your success.



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  • Buying Your Way in Entrepreneurship

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    Many aspiring entrepreneurs take conventional routes to the top in business. Some  climb the ladder to partnership or CEO while others launch their own start-up. However, there is another career path that has become increasingly popular in recent years: buying and running an existing operation.

    In this week's episode we chat with Evan Acres, Owner of Acres and Oak Kitchen. We discuss the road he has taken to become an Entrepreneur, as well as how he came to purchase an existing business, rebrand it, and have it continue to grow and thrive during and post-Covid-19.



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  • ECONversation with Angie Gheesling, Executive Director of the Houston County Development Authority

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    Effective community + economic development works hand in hand in Houston County. Angie Gheesling, Executive Director of the Houston County Development Authority joins the latest episode to discuss what it takes to make our area successful and the impact the development authority has on the Perry area. She also discusses what has helped her be successful in her career and what she has learned along the way. 


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  • Developing Skills to be an Effective Sales Leader!

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    If you want your business to scale, you must master the art of growing and developing a sales mindset. The question is: How do you do that? In this episode, we chat with Chelsea Dozier, Regional Account Executive with Ashley's Business Solutions. We discuss the importance of networking and the impact that is has made in building relationships both professionally and personally. 

    Want to know how Ashley's Business Solutions can assist you with your business needs? Contact Chelsea Dozier today!

    Chelsea Dozer




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  • What Causes Burnout and How to Avoid It!

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    For any business professional, burnout can be just around the corner. There are many warning signs, but we seem to be able to suppress them,  ignore them, and make excuses. Not only will burnout reduce your productivity, but it will also affect  your performance, your attitude, and relationships. Recognize burnout  early, and you can avoid it and the bigger problems that come as a  result. Take a mental break and listen to Ren Deese from the Lily Room Spa discuss how to avoid burnout in order to be a better person and professional. 







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  • How to Become an Effective Leader

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    In this episode, we chat with Scott Cox and Dan Perdue about leadership. We talk about how they have learned to lead, how they have grown through their experiences, and the impact leadership has made on them both personally and professionally. 

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  • Tips & Tricks On How To Have A Successful Interview

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    Laura West, is our guest speaker from Spherion Staffing!

    In this weeks episode, we discuss the importance of your interview from beginning to end. As you listen to this episode, you’ll learn the best way  to conduct an effective interview in this crazy competitive environment!




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  • Financial Tools for Young Adults

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    In this episode, we chat with DeAnn Dent from Robins Financial Credit Union about the tools that young adults need to be financially successful. Instant gratification can come back to haunt young adults if they don’t have a financial plan in place. From student loans to budgeting, we discuss these financial topics and more to help young adults better understand their financial future.

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  • How to Hire the Perfect Caterer for Your Next Event!

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    There are a multitude of tasks involved when planning an event. Whether it’s a lunch meeting or a large celebration, one of the most significant duties you have is hunting down a good, reputable caterer. Reserving your available event date with that caterer before someone else beats you to it is even more important. Needless to say, it can seem overwhelming. In this week's episode, we chat with Marti Jones of Marti's Cakes and Catering about Catering 101! She helps answer the important questions about how to hire a caterer and what questions need to be ask when hiring for your event. 

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  • How to Build a Business and Have Fun Doing It!

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    In this week's episode, we chat with Megan Brent, owner of the Perfect Pear in Historical Downtown Perry and her entrepreneurial journey. What made her want to open a business...especially a restaurant? How has she stayed excited over the years (13 to be exact) when having to deal with the day-to-day grind and 2-star reviews of her infamous and loved pimento cheese? What keeps her motivated? We further discuss her desire to build, launch, and grow her business and how you too can use her tactics in your career.
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  • What Does the Perry Chamber of Commerce Do?

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    In this week's episode, Candace Harnage, NOW Committee Chair, chats with Maggie Schuyler, Perry Chamber President/CEO, about what does the Perry Chamber do and why the organization is important to the business community. The best way to spread the word about a business is by making connections. Whether the business is new to the community or a veteran company that has been around for decades, a business's reputation grows as representatives from that business engage in other influential entities within the community. Maggie discusses how the Perry Chamber helps businesses make connections. She also talks about how the Perry Chamber assists in building a business’s brand presence to meet their needs. No matter the size of the business, the Perry Chamber works for each member. When we grow business, we grow community!
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  • Real Estate 101 with Landmark Realty

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    In this weeks episode, we chat with Madison Holland and Lynward Barrett from Landmark Realty about the reality of real estate. We discuss the real estate market as it is today, what buyers and sellers should expect in today's market and what they have learned over after being in real estate for over 30 years. 

    Landmark Realty has been serving the middle Georgia community since 1987. They assist with all phases of real estate including single family homes for sale, land for sale, residential lots, large land tracts, commercial properties, and homes for rent. Their service area includes Houston, Peach, Pulaski, Macon, Dooly, south Bibb and Crawford counties. For help with your real estate needs, contact Madison Holland and his team. 

    902 Northside Drive
    Perry, Georgia 31069
    Phone: (478) 987-9987
    Fax: (478) 987-5301


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