• Military Affairs Committee

    provides support to Robins Air Force Base, RAFB, to keep it viable as the economic engine that drives Middle Georgia.   

    This committee requires additional membership dues, $300 per person per year dues, and a one-time $500 pledge for the Family Support Services group on RAFB.  The Military Affairs Committee is also represented through the Chair position on the larger Middle Georgia Military Affairs Committee, MGMAC, which consists of counties in Middle Georgia that are impacted by the RAFB. It also provides the RAFB an outlet to keep our community informed about issues and events.

    Members of the Military Affairs Committee assist with fundraising efforts to support the RAFB Air Show event when applicable.  This committee also shows support and participation in the annual Freedom Fireworks celebration. The RAFB/PA invites members of the committee to various receptions, briefings, and events.  Attendance at these functions is a key element of this committee and indicates our support for RAFB and serves to maintain relationships with key base personnel.

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      Freedom Fireworks
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      Freedom Fireworks Hometown Hero
  • For more information contact Abbie Wainwright - abbie@perrygachamber.com